Change in Africa is a blog about my views on the moving Congolese context. I have spent the last 7 years in DRC, mostly in its Eastern part, and am appealed by the ongoing suffering of the Congolese population, 9 years after the peace treaty that officially ended the war on its soil. The context is rich and ever changing, the war and its consequences made more than 6 million victims already, yet Eastern DRC is off media radars most of the time. With this blog, I would like to, time to time, share my opinion on what goes on around me.

This is a blog, meaning I use this space during my private time to freely express my opinion on a subject I have a passion for. My objective is information, and hopefully if readers start reacting in comments, discussions on the Eastern DRC issues. It is by no mean an advocacy, pressure or partisan blog even though I don’t refrain from expressing my personal opinions.

This blog is not, in any manner, related to my professional activities, and does not reflect the opinion of my employer, who is never mentioned on it.

I am no academic, and English is my second language, so I hope for your indulgence for the sometimes broken style or grammar.


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